Thursday, January 7, 2010

Prelude of the Project

Hi everyone!

This is the story behind the site.

I am one of those avid spiritual followers that really has changed my life around in terms of my career and business out looks. Though, there is ONE thing that is still stopping me from getting to where I need to get to and that is my health.

Yes. My health.

No, I'm not sick. And yes, I understand the ethical connotations to the blog's title. Please hear me out.

I've been reading a lot lately about cancer patients and have had a great opportunity to read a really interesting story on cancer survival using positive thinking and a healthy diet. These patients or people used their energies into positive thinking - happiness, joy, appreciation, gratitude, peace and thankfulness - instead of chemo or uses of medicines as these things were in actual fact making the immune system weak. So what they did was to strengthen their immune systems with the use of positive thought and also healthy dieting.

They talk about the way negative thoughts - anger, resentment, sadness, guilt, revenge, fear, anxeity and stress - causes physical illness. As well as poor dieting and a really unhealthy lifestyle.

This made me think. What if I pretended to have (fake)cancer, and tried to reshape the way I think, eat and live each day so that I would be able to live a more healthier and fulfilling life - and perhaps that way I can attract better things into my life!

Right now I'm just beginning my business, but it's still in the beginning. Love life is still nil. Health is not good at all. Lifestyle is still pretty crap. :(

It's not weight. That's not the problem.

I sleep at really bad times. I eat really bad foods. Fried stuff. Oily stuff. Foods high in sugar. I don't drink enough water or juice. I don't eat enough fruit and vegies. I sometimes over sleep. I sometimes under sleep. I drink alcohol. I get angry easily. I get anxious easily.

My body has been really bad lately. It's been yelling out at me to DO SOMETHING NOW!!

My hearts been feeling really weird. Heart beat rate is really strange.

My indigestion is back - that means my stomach is killing me, making me not want to eat, but if I don't eat, it hurts more.. it's crazy cycle.

My throat has been acting up lately. Possibly due to lethargy, which I am feeling lately.

One of the things that Anthony Robbins or Wayne Dyer (Kings of motivation and empowerment) always say is change your thoughts change your destiny. Eat healthy foods. Give your body what it needs.

SO that is EXACTLY what I'm going to do!

Follow my journey and let us work together to create a much more healthier life! YAY! :D

Ok. Here we go!

Black Lisianthus x

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