Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day Sixteen

I'm still actually finding it hard to get out of bed. It's not so much being tired today... or just wanting to sleep more.. but it's the utter fact that because it's a NEW day, the same problem comes back out and NEW thoughts about it comes out.

Strange, I know.

So I was ruminating over new things, new emotions, and new thoughts this morning. Hungry as anything. Knew I really needed to get out and get something to eat before the pain hits too hard.

I sat around thinking and sharing my thoughts with the air, hoping that the messages will be carried on to the person... by then it was noon-ish.

I just got up, got ready and just got out of the house - Zinger burger, chips and Pepsi sounded good.

(I know it's not at all good food to have when you're having stomach problems.. but hey.. )

On the way to KFC, I was being tempted by other fast foods.... Maybe a Red Rooster roll thing... maybe something healthier like a turkey and cranberry roll from Maccas ... maybe some pasta?

But I was determined. I came here for KFC and that is what I shall get!!

So I did.

And then started the chain of messages.

Call me psycho, NOT like you don't already. I believe that everyday, the universe speaks up to you, passes on a message.

Today.. I received a few.

First. I was eating my stop-my-heart-beating food while facebooking an upset friend who is afraid she may lose her job - although, it looks like she did. This old guy, blonde hair, blue eyes, sat down on my table and after I kinda finished eating, and after I put my phone down (finally), he started to talk to me.

He kept asking me to come along and visit this Chinese Methodist Church nearby, that I didn't even know existed. lol. He told me a bit about his background (Chinese wife.. asian fever?), the kind of work he did (expediator - mining industry), (emporio armani glasses!), and talked a little bit about life and the importance of friends.

Maybe I appeared to be lonely? cos I sat alone eating while texting.. like.. how sad is that right..? Is it really?? I was going to push my boundaries and watch "AVATAR" alone given that I haven't seen it, and everyone around me has seen it already.

Anyway... he was talking talking talking.. and what I got from it was this message..

"Life is hard. Making money is hard. There's no such thing as free money, or easy money."

"The younger you are, you spend so much time making money and you don't have time to think of things. Think of how certain things become. Where things come from. how things are formed."

"Having friends make things easier. Makes life better."

Sometimes, I think that I am really grateful that I HAVE the time to sit and think these things. Think of why things happen, why people come to you, why you are told what you are told.

He left. His name was Mark btw.

The message I received was when I was looking for a calender. YES, it IS Jan 28th 2010, and ONLY now am I going to buy a calender that pretty much the first month is redundant. (But it was 75% off and MONET!)

I walked around the book store to the "Self Help" section and picked up a book titled "Act With Love" and turned over to the back to read some reviews, as you do. The first things I read was -

"There is NO such thing as a perfect partner".

LOL. Lovely.

Well.. it said some other stuff.. but I can't really remember it now.. but basically on the lines of, learning how to act with love with your partner to create a loving relationship. This, I guess, in a lot of ways correlates to what Tony Robbins talks about love and relationships. He thinks that anyone can have a GREAT and PASSIONATE relationship with ANYONE. You just have to work hard with it.

Like what the older dude was telling me in the beginning - Life is hard. Love is harder.

Then I saw a sign.. "See the Light" ... LOL on a poster.

Went home and got an email for "Love and Relationships" from Tony and Sage Robbins.

Then decided to screw all this and watch a bit of tennis, only to have missed Li Na and Serena William, OMG 6 - 7, 6 - 7, OMG... must have been a realllly Good Game!

And then it was the Jie Zheng vs Justine Henin game.. LOL it was over in like.. an hour or so. Even less maybe... I think the scores were... 2 - 6, 1 - 6. or was it zero... oh nooo.... -_-"

All the while I was designing, my manly tee. lol.

Yesterday, I finally worked on my garments. Started off with one concept, it ended up turning out to be something completely different.

But that is what life is like sometimes. You start off with one idea, and it always ends up something different. Always something you don't expect.

So all in all. Today I feel a lot better. Though, I DON"T know what the weekend will bring. The past few weeks have taught me that weekends are always the scariest.

Black Lisianthus x

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