Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day Three



I decided to sleep in because I was really really fatigued lately. Not sure why.

I had instant oats for brekky/lunch (plain oats with two teaspoons of sugar)...

I was feeling kinda crap all day. Negative. FAIL! Then I actually splurged on Smith's Barbeque flavoured chips.. bigger fail!

Watching a few clips from "Lawrence Leung's Choose your own Adventure" made me feel a bit more lifted. Then someone told me you could buy the DVD so I just bolted out the door and drove to the nearest JB Hifi.

Funny thing was, the person that told me had bought the final and ONLY copy at that JB, so I got them to put one on hold at another JB and just bolted again!

Finally got it! Woo! So that was HAPPY!

Also bought a Pretzel from Pretzel World - Moscow Glaze ... yummmm :P .. but bad food..

(See that is proof that there is a direct correlation between feeling negative and eating really shitty junk food!)

For dinner, we had these chinese steamed rice rolls things with asian ham and herbs and bean shoots. So that was sort of healthy-ish.

I sort of then just snacked on the pretzel.. little bit at a time. lol

Emotions ... was really up and down today. Sometimes happy. Sometimes really sad. Cried a little. Laughed a little. Very hard to put a finger on. :(

Oh well.. Hope Day Four won't be so shit.

Black Lisianthus x

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