Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day Five


I woke up early .. at about 10.00AM. Though I had an important call to make and things to do, so I didn't have breakfast.. sigh.. FAIL.

Then I got to the city and went to a place called "Ramen Lane" and had "Seafood Gyoza Ramen w/ Miso Soup" and it wasn't all that great!

For dinner we had the left over take away Hakka food we ate yesterday. Actually tasted better for some reason. Maybe the flavour infused the food a little better after a night. LOL

Mood - I was a bit half half I guess. There were happy things, and at the same time I was fearful of somethings.


Totally had a relaxed day. Just took my time getting from place to place. Met up with people I had to meet up with.

Had a cool drinks.. Read a little at Borders. Caught up with my friends.. Just keeping it simple and relaxed.. careful not to get too worked up with the heat..

so all in all.. Day Five was OK.

but I really need to review my lifestyle and see if I can implement a proper routine.. instead of winging it.. winging it is just not the way to go!! Cos my stomach still feels no good... :(

Stupid indigestion! Go away! Perhaps it's time for meds..

Black Lisianthus x

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