Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day Eleven

Slept in.. didn't get out of bed til 12noon.  

Had the strangest dream. Dreamt that I had an albino dog and tried to introduce an albino bunny to be its friend.


Had home made won ton soup with noodles for brunch.

I had chips for afternoon tea.

Then had asian sponge cake with cream and durian... the asian birthday cake and it was LOVELY!

Then we had  HUGE feast at an asian restaurant called Walrus. It was YUMMMMM!!!

We had ... a yummy broth, then oysters in XO sauce, lobsters in a butter and spring onion sauce on a bed of noodles, pigeon (not the ones on the street, special kind), deep friend salty chilli soft shell crab, stir fried ox tongue and snow peas (yeahh.. no the ox tongue was not as good as I thought it would be), baby snow pea leaves, sweet and sour pork (that wasn't nice at all) and mung been sweet soup.

Phew.. gosh that was heaps to write.. LOL
So I am damn satisfied.. LOL :D

Mood - ok. Mind is still running at 50 miles an hour .. honestly don't know whether that is fast or slow.. lol.. 150kph.. that makes more sense! :D

Might sleep soon anyway.. getting sleepy.. though I am like REALLY wanting to get my websites done like.. NOW!!

Black Lisianthus x

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