Friday, January 15, 2010

Day Eight

Slept in! Yay! First time in the week!! :D

I had a really late night the night before and so I did end up sleeping in... though.. only ended up sleeping about 7 - 8 hours.. more than enough?

For lunch I had devil wings, spicy potato wedges and peas and corn... I know what you're thinking... yes they are all frozen foods once again ... :( but it's oh so nice!! :D

Oh dear.. I skipped breakfast again!.. I guess breakfast only applies like.. before 10AM. lol

Dinner we had rice and asian dishes. So nothing really special there. It wasn't really unhealthy, or fatty.. Though, the chilli that I had with my fish sauce yesterday was actually REALLY GOOD!!

The chilli was tiny! But oh so hot!! Like this burning sensation in your throat and all the way while it travelled down to your stomach.. but the taste of it was beautiful..

This freash aromatic chilli taste!! MMMMMM

Mood - I was feeling good yesterday.. a lot more tied down and not so energetic anymore.. I guess it was the end of the week and I was getting tired...

I did a few more designs here and there.. not enough for me to launch the brand just yet.. but it's getting there... getting there... :D

Black Lisianthus x

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