Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day Two

I woke up at 9.00AM so that's a WIN! :D

I had two slices of plain toast for breakky. I didn't know where the jam had disappeared to.. and didn't have time to think of a back up plan! LOL

Was it difficult to eat plain toast or what! LOL I had that gagging feeling.. the thought of dry tasteless food ... ewww

Lunch it was "salt and pepper fried chicken served with fried egg" at Red Silks. This was a fail! LOL FAIL on TASTE and it was fried! What the hell was I thinking! :(

Dinner was slightly better. I still had like 3 pieces of smoke salmon left and that needed to be eaten. So dinner was two slices of toasted thick bread with horseradish spread, phili cream cheese and topped with copious amounts of smoked salmon. It was ok.

Supper. LOL It was FRIDAY! Well I had a "Taj Mahal" from Airstream - yummm :)

then I thought.. why not just be healthy and have a sparkling mineral water with a slice of lemon.

Then we felt nibblish around 10.30PM-ish.. so we had NACHOS! First time I had Halapenos! Verdict - tastes kind of picklish, not as hot as I expected. ^^ But yes I know... NACHOS at 10.30PM is not really a good thing... but I couldn't go to bed hungry rightt???

Funny thing was I was actually really sleepy and tired. On the way home on the train, I actually had a nap. I never nap on the train unless I was sick. Am I sick? And then towards the end of the night, I was really exhausted.. possibly due to the excessive energy I've been experiencing lately! hrmm..

Emotions - I felt a mix of emotions today but tried to stay as positive as possible! Was joking around, laughing, sad, annoyed (at my friend), disappointed, disheartened, hopeful, a little happy, a little joy, a little gratitude... *shrugs* even I don't know!

So Day Two was ok.. Here's Day Three.

Black Lisianthus x

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