Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day Seven

Managed to wake up at 9.30AM, just so I could stay in bed for a bit.. Which I did.

For breakfast... brunch... I had a good ole' aussie meat pie.. YUP! A "Four and Twenty" meat pie! LOL with some dead horse! :D

Then I had like meeting after meeting... so I had many drinks... like.. lemon grass and ginger tea (hmm.. I feel like that now...) and a chai latte... a bit of marghariti pizza.. and then just water..

When I got home, I was a bit hungry.. but dinner wasn't ready, so I had a few chips.. yes.. I know ... -_-"

I spent the entire day sitting in a seat talking, walking to and fro my car and then the rest of the night in one spot on the computer... I need to exercise...

Dinner - fried pork chop, green vegies and this bamboo brooth thing that my parents made.. it was ok.. but I happened to eat the core or tip of the bamboo and it was soft.. like eating flowers or something.. and it was BITTER!! It actually made me feel unwell.. :S

Mood - I was extremely pumped and energetic! Very positive and really wanted to go and get 'em! So good to the point where I was overly pumped I couldn't sleep!! I didn't sleep til like.. 3.30AM... and yea.. I was still twittering.. LOL

So it was a good day!! Exactly ONE week!

and so far. I've WON a few days, and FAILED a few days... maybe when I have the time to.. I really need to go over what's happening.. lol

Black Lisianthus x

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