Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 46.5


My stomach hurts like mad right now!! Like really cold and scrunched up... I feel like I have no energy.. I think my body is trying to fight something... Darn.. should've had dinner earlier than 8.00pm. -_-"

I was doing my assignment today and really just getting my head around what to write. A reflective piece is sometimes really difficult to write because you don't know where to start. lol. Well at least I have a really detailed genogram, so now I will use the same style of writing as the reading I read, and write it in that way.

I was also looking for accomodation for a place to stay over the Labour Day weekend.

Yeah.. I'm too busy doing my own stuff to be worried about other people right now. So i'm not sure what is happening with that friend who is going back home. Hopefully she got her ticket and is on her way.

I spent way too much time just getting excited over my genogram, and then forgot to eat dinner. Parents are out today.. and yeah.. when there's no one else to kind of prompt you to eat, you can forget and totally focus on other things.

I've been looking at different route to my student placement.. calculated the time .. and realised public transport would mean I have to wake up at 6:50am and then chase the trains and trams... so yeah... FUCK THAT! lol

I'll just drive. I think it'll be way easier, even if I had to look for a place to park and get some petrol in the morning.. it would STILL be a lot easier and I would be able to wake up at 7.30am. Much better! :)

I've been tired lately. I slept 10 hours today.. which is pretty cool, given that I've been averaging on 5 - 7 hours each day.. and each morning I seem to be awaken by someone calling me about something.. I've realised my phone has all these strange numbers on it..

I am like... so far away from my brain sometimes.. there was one day I thought my toner was my deoderant.. lol. -_-"

I need a man to watch out for me.. and all the crazy things that I'm doing without even thinking these days.

I went on a motor bike ride yesterday! Ok.. it was a scooter.. but nonetheless it was pretty daring..

Killed a huntsmen.. Ok turned the washer whiper thing on, when this massive huntsmen was on the windscreen.. whereas once upon a time I would've just cried and stopped moving... and back in those days it was a tiny spider...

(actually back in the days.. there was A HUGE mango sized one, and I just closed my eyes and squealed!)

Yeah.. Kickboxing soon..

and so is this trip... so dunno when and how i'll get the kick boxing thing.... Oh yeah.. kick boxing tuesdays and thursdays... hrm... so if i have stuent placement tuesday, and tutoring tuesday... then i'll only do kick boxing on thursday.

I'm watching these girls dance on tv.. and it makes me want to go dancing too... LOL

one thing at a time.. kick boxing first...

OK.. i'm gonna have a shower and then sleep.. this tummy ache doesn't seem like it's going to go away...

and I didn't get an email todayyyy...... :(

wonder what's up....

Black Lisianthus x

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