Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 46

It's been an interesting 6 days since I last posted. Lots to do. Lots to focus on.

Mostly on stuff in regards to the things that I like doing. I don't see what's the point in spending time on things that are just plain boring to me. Being stuck in positions that make you think.. "I wish I wasn't here!"

Basically, making clothes, doing photo shoots, styling, playing music, composing, designing, you tubing, video taping, studying and helping people is what I like doing and that's where I want to be.

I want to be doing that everyday and I want to get paid for it though! LOL

So that's still coming!

As well as that .... You know what I"m talking about God! You sure do! ;)

And you sure know what I want! ;) Oh yeah you do! Oh yeah you do alright! :D

I'm feeling a helluva a lot better lately. Sleepy and tired as anything because I've just being doing heaps and always out... used quite a bit of money this week.. so I'm going to be a little bit mindful of what I'm doing and what I need to achieve.

Distance Ed starts next week, which means I have to start doing my homework and read and stuff....... If I do it the way I do it when I study.. I pretty much don't do anything at all! because I don't read half the readings unless it's good! LOL

I know such a bad student.. I guess first things first I need to work on the assignments!

Eating. I've been eating lately. Both junk and healthy food. Sleepy well.. Waking up earlier than usual. Mental health is ok. But some things came up which was rather annoying.. but aren't all things in some form rather annoying sometimes.

otherwise.. yeah.. it's been good! :D

Photo Shoot was good today.. Really put it into perspective that this project is running and it is happening! which is great because I love progress! I love progress so much! :D

ANyways... must hit the hay!

Black Lisianthus x

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