Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 26

I'm actually a little inebriated (I actually wrote it as 'enibriated' until I dicitionary.com-med it! lol)

I just had one pot of Boags Draught - Yup full strength, the way I like it. Not light or lite beer.

Anyways. Today was HOT. I worked on my ensembles because I really needed to get them done. Time's ticking and I really need to get them done, send off the photos and really get started with my reading.

This morning, I just could not get up. I just felt really really tired and really sleepy. I didn't wake up til 12 midday.. and I sat in bed thinking about my family tree and my family history for a while. For homework purposes. hehehe..

Then I get a call from my aunt asking me to come over to call the hospital because of my grandpa.. but he was ok, so we didn't have to call. So that's a good thing.

So yeah.. Had my corn and butter for breakfast again, it was really good.. I think I'll get really fat from that... I had a banana later on.. and some tom yum noodles/ramen depending where you're from.. and after that some hainanese chicken rice. It sounds like a lot of food.. but I only had small portions.

Mood was ok. Just kinna really trying to get my garments done. So I actually had to sit down and think about what it would look like. But as I said the other day, this is not the blog to talk about that stuff. lol

I didn't end up singing the song today. I didn't have time in the morning and I also just lost the mood towards the end of the day. My voice wasn't doing it at all today.. I didn't feel connected to the song and just not good for singing.. so I didn't do it. Now, I even can't do it even more, because I'm a little on air.

I pimped out my chord progression that I mucked around with the other day, and sent it off to Xwansongs. Just a chord progression and some lyrics that I wrote.. A chorus and a verse. I can't even remember what the actual lyrics were ... but the song it self is about a person who stands as a bystander looking into the relationship that she is in, and she has to leave it because she knows that the perceptions and the goals of the relationship were different. It was something I wrote when I was feeling really shitty...

and the verse I just pieced together this avo, because last night I wrote the line "I am sitting on a bench called objective" which I wrote because I feel that I've been sitting on the edge and telling my friends and also myself, objectively what the problem is at this current moment. I'm an amazing person in that sense, that I can take myself out of the situation, out of my own pain, and see what it going on from an outsider's perspective.

I'll pat myself on the back for that.

I also, see very objectively someone else's problem and situation as well. I guess it's a skill to develop.

My friend just came back from her US trip. So it was just funny listening to her stories.. And i'm just fascinated by the way they do business there, it's amazing how silly things can be. And it's even more silly just how much the GFC has fucked over the US and how much homelessness is everywhere, yet it doesn't seem like people really care much to do anything, but to just go on their everyday lives doing whatever they do.

It's like.. It's your own nation, don't you care?

I know there's probably a very small community of people who DO care, but otherwise ... meh..

I also am very tempted to go to America and open a restaurant there.. Aussie style!. Yup... Aussie style!

But at the same time I'm really fascinated to know WHY there are so many taxes and things that get charged.. what is the REAL DEAL.

That and I wanna go there to drink... since it sounds like it's so goddamn cheap.. I just wanna go there and drink beer! Buddies!!! One of my fav beers!! :D

Anywhoo... There wasn't much significant going on today... So toodles!

Black Lisianthus x

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