Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 27

OMG.. I am furious at the moment! Absolutely FURIOUS!

People in this world just do not understand the concept of "B2B".

Or do they understand that there are other people in this world, and to be sensitive to other people's feelings. Just because someone thinks the world of you, doesn't give you the slightest fucking right to think that you own the goddamn world.

People an easily bring you up, and they can easily bring you down.

You step on my fucking tail, and you're in the other book. The black book. The book of people that I have absolutely no care about.

I'm Black and White. If I think you're cool, I put you in the white book. If I think you're not worth it, you go in the black book.

When I ask a favour from someone, despite all circumstances, situations, I always ask nicely, and show lots of appreciation and graitude for what I'm asking for and I never EVER expect that people will just do things for me for free.

But I DO NOT appreciate people who EXPECT me to help them, and expect me to do things for them, when all they asked was if I knew how to do something. What kind of question is that?

"Do you know how to use an eraser?"

Yes I do. But does is that a question to ask if I know how to use an eraser, or where there hidden agendas that you EXPECTED me to eraser your work for you?

And you would think, why can't I just do it with a loving soul and a loving heart.

Because I'm not a fucken charity.

I do not have to do anything for anyone if I didn't want to.

And maybe, if you had asked me nicely, I may have decided to do to it.

And maybe, if you fucken look at the things that I've done for you lovingly without any hope of anything in exchange, you will realise just how much I've done for you, and you think of what you've done for me?

If you show no gratitude, that's your problem. And with an attitude like thinking you own the world.. seriously.. I don't know how you'll be able to survive in the business world.

The business world is a dog eat dog world. And you need to be very careful of what you do. I've been fucked over so many times by so many different types of people.

I've learnt one thing from all this. Save your own ass. 

Another is, don't take for granted the things people do for you. He who is a real friend, is a real friend for life.

The way someone handles rejection, conflict and kindness, if a true representation of who they are.

I can see very clearly what people are like. Very clearly what they are doing. I just wonder sometimes whether they are aware of it.

Phewww.... Let out a whole pile of steam... Yep.. all out..

Now I can go back to focusing on my many projects!

And just laugh at these mindless people.

Black Lisianthus x

ps. On the upside though, there are people out there who are truly truly beautiful and helpful. These are the ones that I hold close to my heart. The ones that take out their time to care for me, and take out fear of judgement and fear of my yelling at them, and they keep coming back to love me. These are the ones who are my friends and the ones that I will give my heart and soul to.

If you ain't that... well you can think of what kind of friend you are to me.

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