Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 65


Happy, warm, loved, funny, reflective, confident, inquisitive, feminine, studious, agitated, surprised, scared, focused, awe, fascination, confusion, good.

17 emotions, 13 positive, 3 negative, 1 in between.

Pretty good!! :D

I woke up with a really nice dream today and it coincidentally fit perfectly with my alarm. lol

basically what happened in the dream:

I was wearing my super mini shorts (which i wear to sleep some nights), a red t-shirt, and my over sized grey cardigan. i was walking down this street which in the dream I thought to be around fitzroy, carlton, brunswick area.. though it looked nothing like it. It was a beautiful and cultural place. Sort of like a market, with restaurants, cafes, butcher, fabric stores, market...

then I walked into the market area and it sold only fabric, and I saw a mother and child trying on fabric to to make these formal dresses for each other.

Then i kept walking along the street and it turned a little more city like (because I was walking towards the city) and then all these guys started to hassle me. Some of them I knew who they were, some I didn't. They started asking me "How much?" like I was some prostitute or something. i got really scared and angry. Two of the guys were actually friends of a friend of mine and they didn't do anything.

So i just continued to walk in my direction and the guys lost interested in me, but I was still scared, and one of them yelled out to me, "we're not talking about you anymore".

Then I saw some guy and a girl (who i think is my close friend). I started to walk after them, but they just kept walking away from me. Then they jumped on the back of a vehicle and was way ahead of me while i was chasing them. Their car stopped, and I caught up to them.

I started to sulk and told them the story of what happened when those boys were being annoying to me.

The guy then felt empathic for me and kissed me around my face, and made a louder popping sound when he kissed my ear.

Then everyone disappeared, and I was standing in front of a machine that showed you old photos, but in liquid form. I was looking for a while, then I felt someone behind me and tapped my back, and stuck a note on me.

The note was small and had love hearts and smiley faces on it and it said,


and that's when my alarm went off.. and it was the sweetest song... lol... I just woke up and smiled and thought.. OMG.. this is just like a HK drama. LOL

After that I went back to sleep. Was a little sick. Waste my time trying to wake up early and then just go back to sleep.. but as i thought this morning.. if i didn't even want to sleep last night til 3am, how would i wake up early..

I was awake for 20 hours yesterday.. i know so hard core. lol

my girl friend came over and we had a really good chat about everything and anything.

We've ignited each other's fire and passion for wanting to go to New York and make it big. lol

We said we would do it before 2012. We're going to do it! :D

I also got an email i think. i filtered that person's email but the email still came up in my inbox.. and I read like a small preview of it.. and it just sounded a little aggressive so I was like..

"I ain't going to read it".

I'm not ready to. I just moved it to another file and will read it when I'm ready.

i still feel embarassed.. but at the same time, I had to have said everything that I did. It was all too much and just eating me inside each day. Like I said yesterday, i feel so much more lighter, like I dropped off a heavy load. But I'm just still too scared to read what he has to say.

I said wayyyyyy to much. lol.. way toooo much...

But yeah.. I finished my assignment.. and will be starting the next one tomorrow or Sunday rather. Gotta do some reading tomorrow and maybe go back to writing my songs.

I'm trying to orchestrate another project for my fashion stuff.

My photography project is coming to an end, with the final photographers to do their shoots. I don't even know how many photo shoots I've done just yet. LOL I think all up I've gone to ...... 5. and another 3 to go.. LOl


anyway.. I do feel good. I bought myself a white eyeliner! :D will buy some eye lash glue!

I bought some corn, and thought about my sweet little birds... that used to love corn, and get their faces filled with corn and feathers stained in yellow. LOL

I also renewed my driver's licence! Got a new photo! Yay! No more young 21 year old! Proper 25 year old!

I also sent off a gift for my sponsor child. A hygiene book.

I also registered to be an organ donor.... now this is something that was quite big. I actually wanted to do it 4 years ago, but was too afraid to. Just the thought of dying scared me.

Now I"m old, if something happened to me, like I was brain dead, just take my organs. Take em. lol That would be something i needed to tell my parents and future partner ey.. Otherwise, when something does happen, and the doctors started to harvest me, they might feel a little like.. what the hell is going on??

Anyways. i'm gonna go to bed or something.. lol

Black Lisianthus x

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